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Ruth Schorer
Ruth Schorer
Bavarian Artist and Instruct0r
RAS Art Studio


RAS Art Studio

Discover the Tools to Get You From Where You Are...to Where You Want to Be

RAS Art Studio

Where People Come to Get Inspired and Empowered


Is something is lacking in your life? Do days seem to blur into weeks and month? Is your passion waning? Change your Life by Discovering your Universal Source of Power – that the ancients named "the breath of life" Inspiration.


Why Learn to Create Jewelry - Art - Crafts?

The process of creation is therapeutic and relieves stress which is why we enjoy recreationCreation bringing out your greater you as you focus on the moment.


The easiest way to find your inspiration is through the art of creating, and I can teach you how to find your passion by creating your own jewelry, art or crafts.  As your creative mentor and instructor, you will be delighted how quickly and easily you develop new skills and techniques that will amaze your friends.


Classical Drawing and Painting Programs
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Make Your Own Jewelry Programs
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Create Crafts from Ordinary Household Items
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Artists are the ones to remind people of beauty.


Excellence will only be attained by those who simply will not accept anything less. Aspiring artists in search of knowledge are confused by the wealth of often conflicting sources of information to fall in the trap being influenced by reputation as far as painting techniques are concerned.  After basic instruction and practice they have to find out by themselves which source is reliable.  The outstanding reputation of a teacher and his accomplishments do not lift you on the same level or make you a master – one has to spread his wings beyond that.


It is not wise to focus on just one particular kind of picture may it be a portrait, still life or landscape. The idea of neglecting any one in favor for just one is a great mistake until the artist has learned to do them all well. All of these disciplines are required including the essential skills to draw well which was taught in the Atelier’s (meaning workshops) all over Europe more than 500 years ago learning first from Greek and Roman sculptures than from life what to paint later on canvases.


There is always a tendency to make things easier – but there is no shortcut. Certainly there a rules and formulas in the beginning but neither a formula, rules, guru, mentor or guide book can point you later to the way of success when the artist neglects his or her brain. To create high-quality artwork requires intense mental concentration at every stage in progress.


 It’s the artist’s eye, inspiration, perception, observation, objectivity, aesthetic sense, and mental mind set to make the right decisions that should be relied on – nothing else - guided by a good instructor who encourages creative and artistic thinking to progress beyond student-level work.


This is the greatest challenge for artists to include those qualities in the art we create which is the key to greatness.